Ultimate manifestation tool: chi orgone generators based on zero point energy

Ultimate manifestation tool: chi orgone generators based on zero point energy Ultimate manifestation tool: chi orgone generators based on zero point energy
Master  covert NLP persuasion techniques, chi control, and seduction tacticsNLP Persuasion, influence & seduction techniques and strategies CHI ENERGY     Ultimate manifestation tool: chi orgone generators based on zero point energy
NLP persuasion & influence strategies and techniquesMaster  covert NLP persuasion techniques, chi control, and seduction tactics
Ultimate manifestation tool: chi orgone generators based on zero point energy



Expedition 1000

Chi energy emitting composite

Inexhaustible orgone energy supply

Excellent accessory to orgone boosted radionic boxes








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Adrenaline Rush    ...On the Road

Command The Highways With Laser Focus!

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tachyon energy




Does the daily commute antagonize you? Bumper to bumper traffic, idiot drivers, stale cabin air and road rage simply transforms the mild mannered John Doe into a raving maniac


Instead of popping the valium,  flood your car with a cocoon of mind-calming, body fortifying blue orgone energy- it's literally lifeforce on tap!


The Expedition-1000


The device is a  heavy tachyon resonator that draws upon three sources:  EMF stimulation, audio stimulation and magnetic stimulation. This synergistic excitation  creates a dense field of aura-expanding bioenergy within and around your car.


End Benefit to You


Simply plug in your Expedition to a 12V lighter receptacle and watch as an iridescent  blue light shoots up. This indicates that an EMF field has begun  a condensation of chi within the tachyon resonator.


But don't stop there. Pump up the power by plugging in an mp3 player. Your chosen tunes further modulate and explode the chi more accurately than the previous 555 circuit timers in the RADA, RAD-B and RADC.


Your moods will tend to match the tunes you channel into the tachyon resonator.


Fast paced music accelerates your thinking, revitalizes your reflexes and knocks you into the zone for spirited driving.





Slow it down with some Mozart, and observe how the baby seated behind you drops to sleep.


Got a date? It's something Kenny G's renditions can't fix.


You wield total control!


tachyon energy

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And there are more benefits


  • Blue Orgone energy reduces the effects of drinking. Try popping a few cans of beers while in the presence of your Expedition. You'll notice that it takes much longer to get drunk

  • Blue orgone energy has been observed to enhance focus and reflex.

  • Blue orgone energy can rapidly minimize road rage by instilling a sense of calm.

  • Blue orgone energy can minimize the mental agitation caused by the electrical "noise" of the car's engine and instrumentation. Eliminate the "stale car" sensation over time!

  • Blue orgone energy, is theorized to improve mileage.


She's Got Your Tongue?

You know what it's like. You see a beautiful stranger who steals your heart. Problem is,  your confidence just withered!

No sweat!

Just turn on your Ipod to your favorite high energy music and plug it into your Expedition-1000. Within seconds, the device will radiate the confidence vibes of your music... straight into your biofield.

Now. An Instant Alpha Male


Transform and Mp3 player, into an Energy BoomBox!


Public Speaking Jitters ?

It's old hat to imagine the audience in their underwear. You'll still have butterflies in the stomach. An army of them.

Now you can banish the pesky critters! Energize yourself before a meeting with the Expedition 1000

Relish the calm!


UltraMind LLC



  • 9000 gauss high-power Nd Magnets

  • Imploded H20 treated by a Vortex Energizer, Aqua Optimizer and a water softening coil.

  • Tachyon Resonating Cell cascades a room with bioavailable energy via EMF and  audio stimulation

  •  The Virtual Cone Pendulum indicates constant presence of the higher harmonic UV, Gold and Green subtle energy bands. Occasionally, Blue, IR and Bk provoke mild swings.


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Free Bonus Gift #1 ($39 Value) Tachyon Resonator Disc by UltraMind LLC. Boosts the power of your Expedition 1000!


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No Confidence?

You face the Board. They look downright hostile. You face the girl of your dreams. She about to laugh in your face. You face the huge audience.... You're ready to wet your pants.

But don't let go of the bladder just yet. Plug in the battery and breathe in deeply. Absorb the slow, rhythmic waves of energy and calm down in a few minutes.

Then stride in and save the day. With flair!


A bit on imploded water

Implosion is a fundamental natural processes . Viktor Schauberger, the founder of implosion technology described implosion as the life generating principle and explosion as the life degenerating principle (Coats, 1996).

Because of the special water it contains the imploded water infused in the Expedition1000 acts as a ZeroPointEnergy antenna and amplifier which takes its energy directly from the Ether, a subtle form of energy which is all around us.

No electrical power supply is required. Just placing the Expedition1000 beside ordinary ‘lifeless’ water will cause it to become charged and healthy once again. Direct contact with water is not necessary as the energy is transferred by way of resonance. This process is similar to one tuning fork picking up the vibration of another tuning fork, even if the first one has not been struck. By combining imploded water cell with tachyon generating material, the water retains its enhanced life-enhancing structure forever. Microwaves cannot damage it.

Water phase changes are evident via contrast darkfield microscope at 4200x magnification which show the changes to the sub micro cluster structure of water as a result of being energised with the Serenity1000 unit. Orderly structure and more vibrant biophoton emissions arises from treated water.

Biophotons are atomic light emissions, which, according to Prof. Popp, regulate cell growth and regulate cell regeneration. Biophotons control biochemical processes.

One can refer to independent tests carried out by the Biofield Laboratory in Vienna which indicate that physical  pH and conductivity of water change in a subtle way with imploded water energisation. In some tests the pH of acidic distilled water was raised towards the ‘normal’ region of pure water.

Interestingly, the lab found a rapid transformation of additives (chlorine etc) into highly charged colloidal particles. This might might explain why many people experience a reduction in the taste of chlorine after fitting an extremely large imploded water device  to the domestic water system. This suggests that, although chemicals are not actually eliminated, they might be transformed into a less overt state .

While ordinary lifeless tap water saps the energy field of organisms,  revived revived water enhances and raises the overall energy field. 


Tachyon Crystal Manual




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