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Persuasion Influence and Manifestation techniques NLP Persuasion, influence & seduction techniques and strategies Persuasion Influence and NLP techniques
Master covert NLP persuasion techniques, chi control, and seduction tactics NLP Persuasion, influence & seduction techniques and strategies MINDPOWER    The ULTIMATE mind power laboratory: NLP Persuasion Techniques & Advanced Mind Sciences
NLP persuasion & influence strategies and techniques Master covert NLP persuasion techniques, chi control, and seduction tactics Persuasion Influence and Manifestation techniques
Persuasion Influence and chi generators NLP Persuasion, influence & seduction techniques and strategies







After mastering your NLP persuasion techniques, defending my proposals have been a piece of cake. I must say, you're help has been instrumental to boosting my GPA. This is the mind power at work!

Trisha Wakefield Doctoral student


I keep buying chi generators from your site.... Started out with the MiniMax and now have your most expensive devices. I tell you, best investment I ever made. I truly feel that not only has my business thrived because of it, but my health has gotten back to my pre-fat days. Plus I've been attracting women and dream dates!

Richard Drake Entrepreneur


You asked me what I think? Your mind power ebooks are among the best on the web.

Jorge L. AFC


Everything I got from you has been a "blissy" mindtrip. I have been attracting beautiful changes everywhere I go! Keep up the good work. PS, Love your after sales.

Sylvia Entrepreneur


Work really knocks my brain loose. Thank God for your JU99 orgone generator. I breeze through the toxic day feeling like I'm on vacation! I'll buy two more for my kids.

Laura Stanton   Manager, IBM





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mind power techniques

How to Have It All Today


Tap into the Master Keys that the greatest athletes, celebrities, scientists and rulers have always known


Mind Machines and Energy

I started out with zero fifteen years ago.

$200 in the bank. Shredded social life. And the tired Chihuahua was my best friend. The hallmark of a failure. Familiar story?

But I discovered a Staggering Secret...

Then the year after, I vaulted my First Million , hobnobbed with the Who's-Who, and --  Life... well... it just kept getting better.

....A 180 degree turn-around.   Things simply became Magic.

Would  You Like to Steal The Very Tools That Empowered Me ... and Persuade Intoxicating Bliss into Your Life?

mind power

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This isn't a dream. You've just discovered a massive compendium of  the very tools and controversial mind power techniques that catapulted me to the pinnacle of Social Success. And by pinnacle, I mean the whole ballgame: bloated bank accounts, jammed social calendars, fast cars, great jobs, dream vacations and truly explosive living.  What uplifted me,  can quickly and readily empower you.  Stop and answer this: Do you want to make money online easily? Do you want to get girls attracted? Do you seek to solve business problems in seconds? Do you want to create a vast social network? It is all very easy when you tap the irresistible powers of your mind. Make your dreams a reality - right now!


Today, Skyrocket Your Business, Social and Romantic Life ... for the Price of a Hat!

Free Mind Power Secrets

I'm a big fan of all your products, but Maximum Influence Advantage is a cut above the rest. The sales staff made it their persuasion bible. Worth every penny

Martin Jackson CEO, MJ Consulting LLC

Be a Mind Power Maven 

Drawing from a vast array of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) research, mind power techniques, mind machines, orgone technology, subliminal hypnotherapy and advanced manifestation methods, YOU can easily wield the ultimate means for empowerment

how one phrase creates desire

Thousands Already have Access to Unimaginable Power... But Never Discover It!

YES Send the Free Mind Power Course

make money online easy

MAXIMUM INFLUENCE - Imagine being able to dramatically sway audiences at will... Deploy unstoppable mind powers and NLP persuasion techniques to sell Your idea, anytime... anywhere! Drive meetings to win-win outcomes and build solid business relationships. Rapidly close sales, easily deflate empty arguments... all in seconds! Be a master at NLP business persuasion!

mind power techniques

24/7 AFFLUENCE - Hotwire your mind for irresistible wealth attraction! Unleash the Tycoon with subliminal CDs designed to jumpstart the Millionaire's Mindset in 30 days. Make money online in just days.  Sit back and watch as financial opportunities magically unfold. Take your ambition - and your life- to the stars!

mind power secrets EXTREME VITALITY - Seize your day with Zest! Enjoy the mental and physical power akin to  a well-tuned Ferarri. Unleash the power of life-enhancing chi generators, mind machines and subtle energy CDs.
how to meet girls

MANIFESTATION POWER - Notice how some people just seem to get their wishes? Think they're born attracting lady luck? No. They simply mastered the mind power of manifestation. You can wield the very tools to sculpt reality... almost overnight.

So What's In It For You?

EVERYTHING. If you're tired of financial mediocrity. If you're sick of the corporate rut. If social relationships just go nowhere. And if everything you do just doesn't seem to work... then I Dare You to Reinvent Yourself.  This site walks you by the hand and guides you to your destination.  Imagine... a New You in Thirty Minutes! This site is about mind power at its finest

Persuade the World To Your Perspective

Wishcraft-Crowd Sourced

self-help ebooks

Sick of How Relationships Turn Out? Browse our bestselling eBooks on persuasion, influence, seduction and NLP techniques. Since 2000, we've sold tens of thousands of copies with 99.9% of happy customers  reporting almost unbelievable magical transformations. You'll easily attract women, men and people who truly matter to you... today! Oh, did I forget to mention that they're the very same books used in our power-packed persuasion and magnetic mind power workshops?

self-help ebooks

Distressed over Attitudes that Hold You Back? You definitely want to try  our subliminal CDs and mind music. Utilizing derivatives of tomatis effects, subliminal engineering, energy frequencies, NLP and hypnotic mind induction, these killer CDs attract vast changes in your psyche almost within minutes. Backed by a 100% power guarantee, you're sure to be addicted to the delightful new You that You will Become.

self-help ebooks

Furious About Your Lot In Life? Okay, you think you're simply the most miserable bloke on the block. You need the biggest guns to attract the fastest change possible. What do you need? Browse our array of premium chi generators and mind machines . Dubbed as "wish machines" and "probability generators", these devices focus your mind powers with laser intensity to resculpt reality. Use one...and  you'll wonder why Lady Luck simply refuses to leave your side.

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BottomLine: It's all about You.

Power up your mind. I want you to experience the dizzyingly delightful roller coaster ride that I took years back... and continue to take now. Whether your problem is social or financial, relational, or personal, I guarantee that you'll find the right tool to Make Your Life Magic.

  Is Your Life Picture Poor?

That's All Going To Change. And you won't even have to spend on it. You see, within this site, you'll discover hundreds of free mind attraction secrets, hypnotic energy music, radionic chi generators and mind control power tactics that WILL explode your success potential. You will easily and naturally use the law of attraction to succeed ... With Money. With Power. With Women. With Life....

100% No Quibble  30 Day Money Back Guarantee

...And If you do decide to purchase any of our paid services, rest assured that  All products on this site carries a  Satisfaction Guarantee. If it didn't deliver, you get your money back!


This Is It. Empower Yourself!

You face many choices in your life each day.

It's like reaching a fork on the road. You pause and wonder which avenue to travel. Many times you meet other people at the same crossroad -- and what happens? You  just wait for someone else to go first. But realize this:

The person who moves first wins the right of way.

Be decisive, Expand Your Mind Control Today! The future can bring big surprises. Now it's your turn to surprise the future.

Download the Dragon Key

Best of Success!

FDA Disclaimer: All products experimental; no statements on this site are evaluated by the FDA. None of the CDs, books, devices and gadgetry are intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

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