Attract women, win at negotiations, exude confidence... and more!

NLP Persuasion, influence & seduction techniques and strategies
Attract women, win at negotiations, exude confidence... and more!NLP Persuasion, influence & seduction techniques and strategies SEMINAR  Attract women, win at negotiations, exude confidence... and more!
NLP persuasion & influence strategies and techniquesMaster  covert NLP persuasion techniques, chi control, and seduction tactics
NLP Persuasion, influence & seduction techniques and strategies



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Online Workshops


Scheduled Seminars for the Quarter


  • 2nd/Final $400 a Day Masterclass  over

  • Remote Attraction Masterclass  Jan 13

  • 7 Minute Expert Masterclass  over


The $400 a Day Masterclass


Former Architect turned Web Maveric Unleashes the secret to Generating $400 to $1000 Daily


In this online seminar, you will discover how Exceed Global CEO J.R.P.  raped the internet for all its worth making a 5 figure income from home and office. And bedroom. And no. This doesn't have anything to do with

  • Facebook Ads

  • Adwords ads

  • Youtube or video marketing

  • Clixense, Adbrite or PPC

  • Article marketing

  • White hat, black hat, invisible hat

  • Spamming, adult traffic, list building

  • Or even product creation

  • Make money fast even without capital


I developed this scientific technique as far backa happy persuader! 2004 and willfully and malevolently generated $12,000 in 3 months. That was 2004.It got better since.

Flashforward 2012, and the system went lethal, bringing revenue windfalls despite the shakedown caused by the Google Panda, penguin and
what-not updates.

My methods have become, well, unstoppable.

Sign Up today and you get

1) To join a no-holds barred online seminar to be conducted over
2) Discover how to generate revenue without having your own products- up to $400 per day within the first  five months.
3) The only networks you should supplement your system with for instant indomitable impact.

4) How to create a tidal wave of traffic and buying customers with zero advertising.

5) How to beat even pagerank9 sites for your market.

6) How to create pagerank 5 to 8 sites easily and within 3 months

7) Unleash 5 online business models that destroy any day job you may have
4) The wash-rinse-repeat application of this entire system such that it can easily be outsourced so your empire grows like a Hydra

What you need

1) You must have a basic understanding of the

 internet and how it functions. If you can search for data on google and make sense of that information, that's good enough

2) You should have blogged or used a social network at least once. No this has nothing to do with either- but knowing this gets enures that you have an understanding of traffic psychology.

3) Very important. You must have adequate internet speed and a browser that supports Java. Mozila Firefox is recommended. You will watch me demonstrate how I executed revenue creation and hear me talk live. Slow connections will waste your time and money.

4) Grasp Common knowledge terms - such as web host, server, php, seo, sem. No you don't need to know how to code or optimize pages. It's important you get the concept behind these.

Ready to make millions?

The seminar registration begins now and will close when a certain attendance level is hit and before a preset date.


Make that investment below and you will be notified by email of the exact date and time of the workshop which will be held early APRIL.

This I guarantee: Within 3- 5 months, you should be raking in at least $400 a day using the techniques I will share. Or more. And you will be tempted to quit your day job.

APRIL 13 Seminar: Consummated


MAY Seminar: Consummated

NOV Seminar: Nov 8,2013




Email and telephone








Remote Influence Masterclass


The Remote Attraction Masterclass

Jan 13, 2014 - Final Live Class


Check out ebay and you'll find a score of folks charging for love spells. It's a stable industry because being loved is a primal need for all. In fact, the strongest service on this site has to do with love.


Now what if you can do on command and at any time what the casters of this spell do? Imagine yourself wielding the powers of remote attraction such that you can walk into a room emanating the vibes of a satyr or aphrodite. And all you did were a few preliminary rituals that can be conducted on the fly.


Welcome the the Advanced Remote Attraction Masterclass. This is the stuff of dreams and is based on the very real of of the 2001 manuscript Psychic Seduction.


For those who know me and and are acquaintances with me on the social networks- you can see how easily and naturally I and my team have leveraged energy work to the hilt- for instant indomitable impact.


Here's a small amount of what the advanced Remote Attraction Masterclass will cover

  • Energy work on the brain and specific chakra centers. This includes the amygdala, corrector and hypothalamus

  • Manipulation of of the microcosmic orbits

  • Goetia emblems which produce the most impact- we eliminate the demonic aspect

  • Effective astral projection (you will do it that same night after the workshop) that help you project into others minds.

  • Basic technical remote viewing

  • Telepathic transmission and how you can do it in a week

  • Pure energy sources for your RI efforts-even without radionics

  • Frequencies, tones conducive to building your power

  • Psychic kiss, handshake, gestures that unleash emotional control

  • Everything in Psychic Seduction 1 to 5  brought to 2013- after 10 years of upgrading.

  • Why power circles help and how specific ascension seats can make you a dating master.

  • Casting the perpetual Golden Aura.

  • Casting the invisible Shield - mask yourself from attackers and miscreants

  • Using the power for influence and rapport

  • And here's the kicker: at the end of a session, you will be linked to three Godcasters utilizing high energy tones that will play over the internet into your headset.  The energy tones is designed to replicate the same vibes, thinking and power I do- think of it as reiki attunement, but with a totally different purpose. You will listen to 1 hour worth of RI Attunement music and at that very same moment, High Servitor Globules will be imprinted into your chest (which you will tap on anytime)


You always wanted a coach on the Psi arts. Smile. Now after a decade of refinement- you got it. Take the plunge- if you dare



The finalized date for this workshop is Jan 13. It will run for 2 or 3 hours which will include the 1 hour attunement process. There is a strong chance this class may extend up to 5 hours- just as our recently conducted Wealth Masterclass


This may be the ONLY time the entire year that this class will be held. Decide now whether you can already see yourself benefiting from it and bringing unreal magic into your life.


Like I did.


After registration below, you will receive sign up email from for the 3 hour class







The 7 Minute Expert Masterclass



1) 7 Minutes to Meeting, Charming and Keeping  Opposite Sex Ethralled
2) 7 Minutes to Hitting Win-Win Reolutions
3) 7 Minutes to Solid Manifestations
4) 7 Minutes to the Easiest Online Making Scheme
5) 7 Minutes to Rock Solid Physique
6) 7 Minutes to Kick ass psi combat
7) 7 Minutes to Energy Sex and Thought transmissions

This Masterclass is not as detailed as the past masterclasses- but it covers the utter core of each subject mentioned- focus on that core and you can discard all the peripherals


Seven minutes is apt because every technique discussed in this live discussion will be executed in 7 minutes with solid results. I personally shun complex rituals and procedures. If you know techspeak- RISC beats CISC any day.


The seminar

$99 - 12:45nn on a Saturday of May; 2-3 hour runtime. Socratic online meeting conducted over

Date: May 25



Fast internet (2mbps+)


A good headset AND mic. (without this, you will be muted as the absence of mic causes static feedback and degrades the entire network performance
Limited Slots





Email and telephone





NLP Persuasion TechniquesMust have Fast internet access with headset and speaker capability. This is an INTERACTIVE class. Ask all the questions you want.

NLP Persuasion TechniquesMust be able to log on to where the meeting will be held. Java is required.

NLP Persuasion TechniquesMust not be leery of sensual content and discussions on the ultra paranormal


Your Online seminar: Last Weeked April or Early Weekend May. Sign up below today. You will receive a reminder notification a few days before the set date of the workshop. Those who fail to attend the finalized date will be given a second opportunity for a make up class, after which there will be none.

MAXIMUM PARTICIPANTS IS CURRENTLY PEGGED AT 10 unless changes in the web infrastructure allows a bump up to 15.

Seminar Fee: $179

For lifetime mastery of RI and PS

Please email us after purchase below. Some materials may be sent to you in advance




Email and telephone




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