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NLP Persuasion, influence & seduction techniques and strategies
Master  covert NLP persuasion techniques, chi control, and seduction tacticsNLP Persuasion, influence & seduction techniques and strategies PSIONIC BELT  The ULTIMATE mind power laboratory: NLP Persuasion Techniques & Advanced Mind Sciences
NLP persuasion & influence strategies and techniquesMaster  covert NLP persuasion techniques, chi control, and seduction tactics
NLP Persuasion, influence & seduction techniques and strategies






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How To Attract Affluence Today
Getting notoriously rich is as easy as changing your wardrome!

Imagine wearing a leather accessory imbuedHermes wealth belt with power to drive financial opportunities to you. Is it possible? Yes. If you've read of historical emblems charged with power intent like Aaron's vest or Solomon's Pentacle, you'll understand the principles behind the wealth manifestation belt.

What is It

For those who haven’t tried the Infinite AbundanceRake in cash  with  the Hermes wealth belt Pendant, here’s an even classier alternative that is sure to draw envy: the Wealth Belt.

The wealth belt is a signature Belt made from genuine cow leather and crowned with a highly polished buckle. This model is sported by many A-listers of Hollywood and by itself exudes power and authority. But there’s more. This special belt is energized with a ritual spell and psionic programming that attracts financial opportunities to you by drawing people who know people who know people. Vibrations from the programming also increase your “luck quotient” to make snappy decisions for your best monetary interest. Don your belt when going for a job interview or board meeting. Wear it when playing cards. You’ll really kick some metaphysical ass!

The belt comes with an orgone generator to ensure that its fields continually get replenished. Please don’t lose the generator- it works for your belt and only your belt through the principle of structural links.

richess with  the Hermes wealth beltThe price of this belt is $399 and comes with an Archangel-class chi generator. Belt Box, pouch and radionic software included. Plus the usual 2 month satisfaction guarantee. Please email us for details while the belt is not yet in the catalogue

So Easy To Use

  • Wear the belt- an energy field of abundance grows daily around the client to attract opportunities and greatly increase his or her propensity to earn money, decrease debt, and forge networks that fatten the wallet.

  • Carry the accompanying tachyon cell- A small  tachyon disc helps to power the psionic intent programmed into the wealth belt. This disc works by itself with the belt and optionally receives energy from the accompanying chi generator

  • Activate the Chi generator- You may leave the chi generator at home and it will transmit energetic vibes to your belt and the tachyon cell. You can connect any self-help CD/Mp3 player to the generator, record your own commands or play the psionic software into the chi generator. Software included on a disc.

  • Watch it in action!- Expect to attract concrete financial opportunities. You will run into amazing situations, unbelievable circumstances and seemingly unassuming people that will lead to money, or lead to situations that lead to money. Seize them. (failure to seize is like saying no to opportunities knocking on your door). You will also find that your intuition rapidly explodes, possibly helping you win gambling games or to secretly read people's intentions. Trust your gut. You will also enjoy a formidable commanding presence that is simply  irresistible.

  • Enhance your belt- The belt is designed to enhance your desires, particularly those pertaining to richness. To tap into your thoughts, and make them real, meditate every night and morning for 2 minutes with your belt. See yourself meeting affluent people and their affluence rubbing off on you. See yourself living the jet-setter life you've always wanted. GIVE YOURSELF A REASONABLE DEADLINE on these dreams. Tell yourself "I already own that xxx on Jan 10, 2010" Your thoughts will readily interact with the psionic programming and tilt probabilities to your intentions.

Enjoy High Fashion with REAL Power

It's only US$399 Are You Ready?


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In the rare chance you don't experience what you expected from this fine product, fire us an email within 2 months, return the product in good order and receive a friendly refund. 




Now, You Will Finally Experience Manifestation Power In a Concrete And Visible Manner! If This Doesn't Convince you, Nothing Will.


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