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NLP Persuasion, influence & seduction techniques and strategies NLP Persuasion, influence & seduction techniques and strategies subliminal programming CDs, NLP CDs, behavioral modification, self-hypnosis CDs, personality development CDs
subliminal programming CDs, NLP CDs, behavioral modification, self-hypnosis CDs, personality development CDs subliminal programming CDs, NLP CDs, behavioral modification, self-hypnosis CDs, personality development CDs SUBLIMINAL CDs NLP Persuasion, influence & seduction techniques and strategies
NLP Persuasion, influence & seduction techniques and strategies subliminal programming CDs, NLP CDs, behavioral modification, self-hypnosis CDs, personality development CDs






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Euphoria Activator

"I feel so down!!!!"

In order to seize your goals you must be in the proper mind-set... an attitude of exuberance, a state of EUPHORIA.

Do you remember the last time you went sprinting down the country-side and experienced the so-called "jogger's high"? The world seemed so perfect, didn't it? Your spirits were soaring, the grass seemed so green, the air smelt so fresh, and you felt invincible.

Nothing could deflate your mood at that moment. Not even if it rained. 

What if you could recreate that feeling of invincibility, ANYTIME, within EIGHT minutes?

What if you can induce Euphoria... and with it, gain the power to tackle any challenge... whether it be a tough negotiation. Or the gargantuan task of asking out a hot date?

You'll never be a listless wimp again!

Here at XtremeMind, we've developed a unique sound formulation light years beyond our original 1999 Deep Mind brainwave technology to jump start your brain into EUPHORIA in 8 minutes FLAT.

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Read up on the scores of independent www.bwgen.com testimonials to our Deep Mind formulation since the year 1999 here:

Deep Mind IV  Deep Mind V   Deep Mind VI

Utilizing  proprietary software custom built for us (LiquidExpansion) as well as Adobe Audition, we are pleased to present Euphoria, the only affordable solution to altering your brainwaves for that instant "jogger's high" in EIGHT minutes flat. Imagine what it would be like to FEEL INVINCIBLE anytime you pop in this harmonic into your PC??

How does it work?

Glad you asked.

Key Technologies

EuphoriaEngine (TM)- Building upon the wildly successful Deep Mind series developed by Exceed Global in 1999, the  harmonics resonate at  synergistic frequencies: High Beta, the vaunted Golden Ratio Pyramid frequency, the Abrams Universal Healing frequency, the Serotonin Release frequency and the Quartz Crystal resonator frequency. In  two minutes, you will be smiling. In five, you'll be bursting with enthusiasm. In eight, you'll be diving headlong into those tasks you kept putting off for days! Your body will throb with boundless energy. In fact, you'll even feel like challenging the raging ocean itself.   Don't worry, it's just your mind altering to accommodate to the released energy. In time (a week at the most), you will adjust to  your elevated  energy levels and these wild sensations will minimize. You'll feel great!

Handel's the Messiah- Embedded within the binaural harmonic matrix is a recording of a live performance by a visiting Philharmonic Orchaestra! The energy in the grand hall was amazing and we recaptured it with our digital equipment to further boost the extreme high the Euphoria Engine already explodes into your psyche.

NLP- As we are well aware Neurolinguistic Programming is naturally  the most persuasive form of communication ever created now. What if NLP where used on YOU to reshape your mind for the better? Our CD deploys subliminal suggestions (in both a reduced volume AND an ultrasonic Tomatis-Effect frequency) crafted with NLP affirmations in the imperative and permissive modes to home in on both the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The suggestions demand that you challenge the world with a determined eye and firm stance.


With that massive energy explosion, you will begin to feel better about yourself... depression  fades away... you will find it easier to cope with life's painful blows... your physical conditions rapidly improves... people  naturally gravitate to you and you will be able to accomplish much more.


The Euphoria 2004 mp3  Instant Download (20MB)

NO RISK. If it doesn't work for you, email us, for refund

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FAQ and Important Order Details

The Soundtrack

Upon order, you will be able to download a 20MB mp3 harmonic, The Euphoria 2004. It's rather large, so we recommend DSL/ T1 / Cable /Broadband connections.


Use an Mp3 player/ DVD/VCD/ computer/ to listen to our unique formulations. Unlike our other formulations, you may listen while while driving or operating heavy machinery.

You also need HIGH QUALITY HEADPHONES and SPEAKERS to absorb the harmonics. Use of speakers alone will not be sufficient to transmit the subtle carrier waves into your body. Our recommended Headphone brand is Sennheiser. Using this product enhances the quality of all your CDs/ DVDs/ Mp3s. Consider Sennheiser a lifetime investment. (And no, we don't sell Sennheisers. We simply find the quality unmatchable!)

Disable any EAX, reverb, trebel or bass adjustments on your device; leave all settings neutral. Failure to do so may muddle the harmonics.

Use the the headphones while simultaneously turning on your speakers to "bathe" in the special frequencies designed to jump start the production of "happy chemicals" in your brain.


The ULTIMATE mind power laboratory: NLP Persuasion Techniques & Advanced Mind SciencesCopyrights and Copy Controls

Knowing full well that such material end up in illegal file-sharing such as kazaa and WinMX,  Jobet Claudio and Joey Plazo devised a new "copy protection" process which we have dubbed "Conscience Control" .

It works like this. Hidden in the sound track is a subliminal affirmation which states that if the listener knows that he has not paid for the material, or has acquired it through illicit channels, then
all beneficial effects from the CD are shunted out.

Furthermore, a  complex algorithm programmed within a cyclic 15,000Hz to 20,000Hz range conditions the sharer of the disk that sharing  this soundtrack will short-circuit the beneficial programming he receives from the software and nullify future assimilation of the mind training.



Not recommended for those with a history of epilepsy or seizures.


Consumer Advice Notice

All our self-help products are sold as educational properties only. We do not claim or imply any medical benefits. Our frequencies are theoretical and based on fledgling research conducted by independent scientists. Nothing in our product range is a substitute for proper health care. Consult your doctor if you have questions regarding healthcare. Pricing and postage charges are subject to change.

Our Commitment

We are in the business of helping people help themselves. We believe you deserve the best in mind training technology and we do our best to bring it to you.


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