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NLP Persuasion, influence & seduction techniques and strategies NLP Persuasion, influence & seduction techniques and strategies subliminal programming CDs, NLP CDs, behavioral modification, self-hypnosis CDs, personality development CDs
subliminal programming CDs, NLP CDs, behavioral modification, self-hypnosis CDs, personality development CDs subliminal programming CDs, NLP CDs, behavioral modification, self-hypnosis CDs, personality development CDs SUBLIMINAL CDs NLP Persuasion, influence & seduction techniques and strategies
NLP Persuasion, influence & seduction techniques and strategies subliminal programming CDs, NLP CDs, behavioral modification, self-hypnosis CDs, personality development CDs






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Kundalini Expansion Pack

Are you already approaching full energetic awakening? Do you want to further explode that power and put it to full use?

KA Expansion. It's the next logical step. Taking the energy you've built up with the Kundalini Activator, the KA Expanion further refines the amassed chi to literally reshape your body and build an impregnable wall of chi energy around you.  Within weeks, you will find

  • Your posture improving.

  • Your skin acquiring a healthier hue.

  • Your physical maladies fading away.

  • Your moods and disposition impregnable to external disruption.

  • Your ability to regenerate and heal skyrocketing.

  • Your impact upon others jumping by leaps and bounds.

  • and your chi force literally tingling for hours after you go through the guided meditation!!

And with that enormous harnessing of power, you willActivate your chakras, awaken the kundalini! begin to feel better about yourself... euphoria comes naturally... you will find it easier to smash through obstacles... your health rapidly improves... people  naturally gravitate to you and you will be able to achieve all you wanted!



We've taken unparalleled HYPNOTIC INDUCTION technology, combined it with cutting-edge binaural beat matrices and infused it with NLP behavioral change techniques.... all to quickly and permanently energize your aura. The Kundalini Activator Expansion relies on FOUR technologies:

Key Technologies

BrainEngine (TM)- Building upon the wildly successful Deep Mind series developed by Exceed Global in 1999, the CD harmonics irresistibly nudge the user from the hectic Beta brain state down into the euphoric Theta state where hypnotic reprogramming easily penetrates the mind and unleashes a payload of life-enhancing suggestions. Seeming to come from within your own consciousness, these suggestions ultimately hotwire your brain and spark the awakening of your chakras. There's more. Our BrainEngine technology  uniquely resonate at theoretical frequencies which reportedly can activate your subtle energy centers (chakras). Click here to see the frequencies we use. New to the Kundalini Activator Expansion are the theoretic  hormone stimulation and endorphine releasing harmonics! You will experience throbbing sensations, a lightening of your spirit and a sudden expansion of your consciousness. Flashes of light may criscross your mental screen as various parts of your body heat literally up. Don't worry, it's just your energy patterns altering to accommodate the released chi. In time (a week at the most), you will adjust to  your elevated  energy levels and these wild sensations will minimize.  Think of it like taking a roller coaster ride into the astral planes of your psyche.

HYPNOTIC programming- Embedded within the binaural harmonic matrix is a unique hypnotic guided visualization crafted to unfold the chakras and recreate you into a powerhouse of charisma, energy and boundless vitality. The hypnotic induction itself is  taken from an ascended master who used the very same imagery to guide his students into magnificent awakening. You will find the suggestions  clear at the onset and as you sink into an altered state of consciousness, your mind will  absorb the vivid visualizations like a sponge, releasing energy you've never felt in your life!

NLP- As we are well aware Neurolinguistic Programming is naturally  the most persuasive form of communication ever created now. What if NLP where used on YOU to reshape your mind for the better? Our CD deploys subliminal suggestions crafted with NLP affirmations in the imperative and permissive modes to home in on both the left and right hemispheres of the brain. To date, we are one of the few to utilize such techniques.


 SupraVoiced (TM)- Just developed this January 2004, all CDs  feature independently multi-tracked voices resonating simultaneously at  frequencies theorized to create an environment conducive to chakra activation and ESP development. This is a major breakthrough as the last stock of CDs consumed late December resonated at its magic  frequencies in alternating segments. The updated harmonics no longer alternate-- they fuse together synergistically for a truly surreal mind enhancing experience!


Here at XtremeMind, we've developed this unique sound formulation light years beyond our original 1999 Deep Mind brainwave technology to jump start your brain into ECSTASY in TEN minutes FLAT.

Read up on the scores of independent www.bwgen.com testimonials to our old Deep Mind formulation since the year 1999 here:

Deep Mind IV  Deep Mind V   Deep Mind VI

Utilizing  proprietary software custom built for us (LiquidExpansion) as well as Adobe Audition, we are pleased to present your  Kundalini Activator Exp.

What You Get

An instant download of the 256kbs Mp3 file,  the Extreme Power System Level IV Kundalini Activator Expansion. (You can also request CD delivery from Regsoft)

The CD contains an MP3 track at 256kbps CD-Quality recording; you can play it on your computer, your home MP3 player or even upload it onto your Ipod!

All you need are a set of high quality headphones, a comfy couch, and about 20 minutes of quality listening time  every three days to literally unleash the power within.

You will then burst with permanent enthusiasm, boundless energy, and a charisma so overwhelming, you'll attract all the prosperity, romance, and opportunities you'd ever desire. FOR LIFE! Picture yourself wanting something... and getting it within days? It's not fiction: ascended masters have the uncanny ability to manifest their fantasies into concrete reality!

Create yours.... now!


What to expect after a full stimulation of the chakras

(six months maximum)

1) A near-permanent state of tranquility. Say good bye to headaches, weakness due to stress

2) Fewer instances of sickness. Relatively rapid healing. Your immunity will go up.

3) More focused mind, a sense of alertness. Your capacity to process information may increase.

4) Energy energy energy. Say good bye to a sedentary life.

5) Some instances of psychic ability- heightened intuition, telepathy, precognition.

6) Sharpened hearing (within a few weeks)

7) People commenting how "nice your energy is" and wanting to be with you.

8) Amazing, relaxing dreams.

If you're dissatisfied after the 6 month period, we'll refund your money!



Ordering Note for K.A. Expansion Pack

This program will be especially valuable to owners of the primary Kundalini Activator. Please purchase the Expansion pack only if you've already used Kundalini Activator for a month.

US $39.95 only

For new Buyers Order Now!
For Old Buyers (10% off) Order Now!



Special Offer!!


Massive discounts for bundle purchase!

(Click here)


And yet more benefits??

Due to the unique technology involved, mind programming is just one of the advantages the Extreme Power System IV provides. Here are yet more guaranteed benefits:

Need for less sleep- With just 60 minutes of listening to a track, you will have replaced 5 hours of sleep. The special MP3 harmonics effortlessly recreate the theta brainwave patterns in your head-- the very same frequencies we experience when in deep slumber. You will never lack sleep again!

Conquer insomnia- Even if you try, you will find it impossible to remain alert. The sound matrix knocks you into a deep trance within 10 minutes. By the 30th minute, you slowly drift off to natural sleep.

Massive Release of  Endorphines- Have you observed the pleasant aura around monks and meditators? Their minds are in a perpetual state of calm. Constant listening to our soundtrack entrains your brain state to that same level of peace while allowing your brain to release endorphines, the body's pleasure chemicals. You no longer need drugs to get high!


Emotional and Mental balance- The balancing of brain chemicals ultimately ease wild emotional swings. You can readily expect less anger outbursts, depression and other negative emotions.


Chi release- Each formulation contains at least one subharmonic that resonates at charkra-opening frequencies. Tremendous energy surges down down your accupuncture pathways, dissolving blockages in its path and causing your light body to expand in all directions. How do you know its working? Wait till your body heats up and begins vibrating!


A computer analysis of our unique waveforms (taken from Aura Explosion technology)

A Supra-voiced (TM)  harmonic of the Aura Explosion

Click to picture to enlarge

What REAL People are Saying


From: "Olivier Langlois" <[email protected]tico.ca>

To: "'Joseph R. Plazo, C|EA'" <[email protected]>

Sent: Monday, May 03, 2004 3:03 AM

Subject: RE : by the way


> May I know what experiences you've already had with the other programs you
> have? I'm very curious about it.
Hi Joey,

Since you're curious, I'm happy to share the experience with you.

First I followed your instruction in the sense that for the last month I sticked to listen exclusively Instant Charisma. I plan to start listening Aura explosion next week and I'm eager to see what will happen next.

I purchased a small MP3 player and created a small playlist for my purposes.
The playlist I'm using consist of:

Deep Mind 2
MLF da Babe and
Instant Charisma

I listen this playlist when I wake up and before going to bed. These are my sacred times where I just lay in the bed and do nothing else. Of course, these 3 MP3s represent an hour and a half of listening so maybe since last week, I stopped listening the whole playlist in one shot. I've set my player to repeat infinitly the playlist and I would love to fall asleep while I listen it before going to bed but somehow it doesn't happen...I'll try to
include Electronic Valium in my playlist to see what happen. It happened once or twice that I fall asleep while listening Jobet and your MP3s and
it's been fantastic. I got these vivid dreams where I was literally living the guided visualization. On top of that, I bring my player at the job. Obviously, while I'm on the job I cannot do nothing and just focus on the
music but even there, it is beneficial because my job used to be stressful and energy draining and listening the MP3s for the whole day makes me feel

Now the results are stunning! I think I have really assimilated the suggestions as I now have this healthy obsession of always wanting to have new friends :-) I cannot resist the desire to meet new people and I feel
like I have always been like that. It is just that this part of me was sleeping inside me. I care more about others. I want to help everyone. I want everyone in my surrounding to be happy. I want to spread love and
happiness wherever I am. It will sound surprising but my behavior changes are noticed also by others but what I perceive as only positives changes,
disturb some persons including my girlfriend. I have invited her to listen the MP3s with me but she's not interested into trying that. With MLF, I've
noticed that I was attracting much more women but I did not really act on this attraction. I guess having multiple partners is not what I want but
just sensing the attraction is a great feeling.

I have another playlist which consist of Chakra activation followed with Kundalini Activator. I listen this playlist once every few days whenever I
have a free hour in front of me during the day. Oh boy, the main advantage I perceive from it is the flow of energy I feel all over my body. One interesting detail is that I lose consciousness during Chakra activation and
it comes back when the guided visualization start on the second track. One constructive critic I could make to you about Kundalini Activator is I find
that the guided visualization track is not loud enough compared to the background sounds. As a non native English speaking person, I miss some part
of it because of that. Even with this small detail, I used to need a lot of sleep. Like it was out of question for me to go out on a Friday night after a week of work. Now I've never felt with so much energy. I need less sleep,
I do more sports and I'm always in a fantastic mood and I have the energy to do whatever I want to do anytime. If sometime, I feel a little bit tired, I just take a small nap, listen to one of your MP3 for half an hour and after
that, I'm ready to do anything! One of the benefits is to be able to desire something and it will happen. Well, I did not fully experience this benefit to its full extent except I see subtle coincidences like I think about some
persons and I'm going to meet them during the day...

And to finish this story I started to feel the energy emanating from the orgone structural link on the CDs. It is very subtle but when I place my hand few millimeters from the logo, I feel some warmth emanating from them.
I wonder if I could know which color they have been charged just by feeling it. I cannot do that yet...

This is it! I hope this wasn't too long to read but all I can say is that I'm doing extremely well!!!



From: "HSteinfeld" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed Apr 28, 2004 5:11 pm
Subject: KA+MLF combo rules!! (was Re: KA vs. EP3)

Yo Vardan!

>From: "vardan1967" <[email protected]>
>Date: Wed Apr 28, 2004 2:55 pm
>Subject: Re: KA vs. EP3

> 6) Chakra Activator *damned good,>
>Hi Suavedude, by chakra activator,

>are you referring to the bonus
>download that comes with KA? I am

Yeah, that's what I'm referring to. It's funny that Xtrememind.com made it a
"bonus." It can be a great stand alone product by itself.

When people say "bonus", the first thing that comes to mind is "cheap". Like when I bought during a sale at an Armani Exchange depot, I was promised
"exciting bonuses" for purchases over $300. You know what the bonsues where? Cheap handkerchiefs or my choice of Budweiser beer (lite or regular). Geeez man. That definitely killed the Armani image.

>kinda of hooked on KA and MLF as
>they are extremely potent for me.I am >on a dating bonanza(7 >wonderful women) right now and i >don't pay nothin to boot!(Big self->satisfied smile).

Hey! That's my story too. My last count was about 5 delicious blondes with real brains (one holds a Doctorate in Developmental Economics). Most of them offered to pay too. The KA+MLF combo is virtually unstoppable.

>I have not had a chance to try the >chakra activator assuming it's >the same program we're talking about >but will do so as soon as i

>have your confirmation.....till then >keep swingin...

Play it when driving your car before your hot date. You don't need a headset, unlike the other stuff. Man, you'll get high just ten minutes into it. I feel myself shaking with spikes of adrenaline when I play it on my Blaupunkt with all the equalizer settings at zero. Put the bass boost down too. It's not effective
with the subwoofer distorting the freqs.

Keep snaggin and fightin!




----- Original Message -----
Sent: Monday, May 03, 2004 12:46 AM
Subject: Re: Thanks

Dear Joseph,
The books you gave me seems to be the sum total of the ideas that I have been looking for... for years. All these years I've been spending some free time visiting bookstores or bargain bookstores and always find myself reading or looking for books ralated to topics about   subconscious mind, affirmation, motivation, persuasion, influence, hypnotism and magnetic attraction. I never thought that all of these topics that I've been gathering information for many years can be found in your books. Now I've stopped looking for another related book because what you gave me serves as my ultimate reference that I can always go back to recall for something that I can use in dealing with people.      
It gave me new insights in dealing with people in everyday of my life. I've only practiced some persuasion verbal techniques and my boss (and  co-workers) noticed that I've been delivering my ideas differently... in a more credible, clear and convincing. They also noticed that it seeems that it's not the way I used to talk, because they know that I'm typically shy. My boss is even confused on how to counter-react (during our meeting) with my way of delivering questions (and ideas) that directly hit the problem that needs solution. They also noticed that I became more  assertive. 
But I feel that it will not be complete without the CD's that I've been ordering. These CD's will be my ultimate reference that I will use over & over untill I become an expert everyday  persuader, negotiator and wealth builder. I got interested on this because this is the whole idea that I've been looking for & I need in my job... I want to see myself victorious.   
Thank you very much Joseph. I will be waiting for the CD's...  and I will be paying for the additional CD's.



From: "name withheld" <email withheld>
Date: Mon Apr 26, 2004 12:22 am
Subject: Re: MLF vs IC


Yes...yes...those products definately work. I personally experience the same effects you described. It is simply unbelievable. My favorite right now for magnetism are energy explosion(a mild version of Kundalini Awakening(KA)) and MFL Da Babe(free version). They work like a charm. Joey, can I nominate u for a nobel prize??? :)

Let me tell you something that happened last night. After listening to Energy Explosion for 20 mins, I went to the club. Women were litrarily trying to pick me up. I ended up spending time at the bar with a brunnette. She came over and asked me for my name. She has the best "assets" I have ever seen on a woman. Anyway, when she was about to leave, she said "give me a kiss". After the kiss, she gave me her number and said "call me tonight". After she left, another woman came up to me and asked me if I remember her...anyway, to cut a long story short, after she danced with me, she too gave me her
phone number.

So, those products definately produce results. I have the EPIII, and I listen to them everyday, but I noticed that for me, I get the best benefits in terms of seduction when I listen to Energy Explosion before steping out. Joey told me a few days ago that energy explosion is really a "watered-down" version of the kundalini awakening(KA), just like I suspected. So I have ordered KA. If the free EE can produce these benefits, I wonder what KA would do. My imagination is already running wild. I am really looking forward to
it. Good luck.

<name withheld>


From : rwakefield


I got KA, MLF da Babe and EP3. I use MLF everyday, EP3 every 2 days and KA once a week.

Like what a John mentioned in some other post, I noticed a balancing of my temper, a feeling of invincibility, a need for almost three hours of sleep and welll... lotsa babes seem to give me the flirty treatment.

Let me share a cool story I had a few days back.

About 7am in the morning, I just finished listening to Kundalini Activator then I did 15mins of Tai Chi. I left the apartment feeling top of the world, and what's more, my vision had a had a tinge of blue on the periphery. For some reason, I started seeing blue lights on the fringes of my vision ever since I began using KA with Tai Chi.

Anyway around 9am, I was walking down East 57th Street and heading to 5th Ave to pick up a little present for my Special Other.

Tiffany's was my destination and I went in choosing jewelry. Upon entering, people glaced and really looked at me (and here I was wearing a non descript outfit). A cute youngish customer (22years old) sidled to my side and began small talk abou the bracelets. She kept asking me opinions on this and that, which was strange coz I never had women ask me opinions on women's stuff.

She flirted heavily and so I took the opportunity to ask her help for MY ITEM, which she did enthusiastically. She left twenty minutes later, but not without asking for my mobile number (and THIS, despite knowing I was already seeing someone).

Next stop was St.Patrick's Cathedral. My accountant was to hand me a sheaf of the documents to be dropped of at my attorney's. While waiting at the garden, two women stopped by started chatting with me. I was so immersed in their conversation that I almost didn't notice my accountant who had finally arrived and waited patiently for me.

Before I left, the two women invited me to their beach party. Oh did I mention that their phone numbers ended up in my pocket?

The rest of the day followed the same trend.

I no longer feel that this is a coincidence. It's more like "engineered causality" as the maker of MLF described his stuff.

When I combine KA with MLF, I'd literally feel this energetic pull when people are within a few feet of me. Sometimes, I'm awash with so much energy, I can just strongly wish someone to look my way, and they WILL! More often than not, they'll have a quizzical look in their eye, as though I physically called out to them.

People respond to me faster when the "blue lights" on the fringe vision are stronger. (KA causes the blue lights to appear for about 8hours, then it fades).
I suspect I can somehow see my own aura already; and this blue light is my inner aura. The stronger the blue lights, the more people gravitate toward me.

I experimented one day with the blue lights and the rheostat imagery from MLF. When a person I'd like to influence passes my field of vision, I'd throw out the blue light from my periphery and cast it all around the other guy. At the same time, I'd call into view the MLF rheostat and jack it all the way up. The lights and the rheostat never fail. It's won people to my side ALL the time.

I don't use KA all the time since it has the nasty side effect of causing me sleepless nights when used everyday.

Aura Explosion from EP3 is what I use regularly. It doesn't cause the blue lights, but it does create a strong buzzing sensation in my body for a few hours. Used with MLF, it paralles the KA+MLF combo.

Tell me about your results. Is it as quirky as this? -


Visit our Live Forum for a fascinating exchange on the world of modern mind sciences  and  the occult!



FAQ and Important Order Details

The CD

Upon order, you will have instant access to the Kundalini Activator Expansion.  It will be dozens of megabytes, so a Broadband/ DSL connection is recommended.


Use an Mp3 player/ DVD/VCD/ computer/ to listen to our unique formulations. It is imperative NOT to use the CDs while driving or operating heavy machinery.

You also need HIGH QUALITY HEADPHONES to absorb the harmonics. Speakers will not be sufficient to transmit the subtle carrier waves into your subconscious. Our recommended Headphone brand is Sennheiser. Using this product enhances the quality of all your CDs/ DVDs/ Mp3s. Consider Sennheiser a lifetime investment. (And no, we don't sell Sennheisers. We simply find the quality unmatchable!)

Disable any EAX, reverb, trebel or bass adjustments on your device; leave all settings neutral. Failure to do so may muddle the harmonics.

Listen to one every three  days, for six months, upon rising. Lie flat on your back and make yourself as comfy as possible. Allow six months  to fully saturate your consciousness.


The ULTIMATE mind power laboratory: NLP Persuasion Techniques & Advanced Mind SciencesCopyrights and Copy Controls

Knowing full well that such material end up in illegal file-sharing such as kazaa and WinMX,  Jobet Claudio and Joey Plazo devised a new "copy protection" process which we have dubbed "Conscience Control" .

It works like this. Hidden in the sound track is a subliminal affirmation which states that if the listener knows that he has not paid for the material, or has acquired it through illicit channels, then
all beneficial effects from the CD are shunted out.

Furthermore, a  complex algorithm programmed within a cyclic 15,000Hz to 20,000Hz range conditions the sharer of the disk that sharing  this soundtrack will short-circuit the beneficial programming he receives from the software and nullify future assimilation of the mind training.

Consience Control sample



Not recommended for those with a history of epilepsy or seizures.



All of our products are guaranteed to assist you in changing the way in which you speak to yourself. To benefit fully, use the products at least once every three days for 6 months.

Consumer Advice Notice

All our self-help products are sold as educational properties only. We do not claim or imply any medical benefits. Our frequencies are theoretical and based on fledgling research conducted by independent scientists. Nothing in our product range is a substitute for proper health care. Consult your doctor if you have questions regarding healthcare. Pricing and postage charges are subject to change.

Our Commitment

We are in the business of helping people help themselves. We believe you deserve the best in mind training technology and we do our best to bring it to you.



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